Our Patrons!

As a special thanks to all the People who decide to sponsor us on Patreon we will make special videos just for them. we appreciate every single Patron and we want everyone to know that. In this section we will show our videos that have been made for each Patron. 

Our way of saying Thank-you

Videos are available on our Patreon page and youtube

As of September 2017 we are currently making the videos 

andthey will be up soon


Thank you  Darren Blanch

Darren Blanch is a   3D render artist  who has been a sponsor of our Patreon page since we began a few months ago. We are deeply grateful for for his support and this video displaying some his works is our way of saying Thank-you.

Video 2

Coming Soon

November 2017

Video 3

Coming Soon 

November 2017


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